My favorite way to use Ashima's Cold Therapy Essential Oil is blend is to sit next to my diffuser breathing in the soothing scent and with few drops on a warm washcloth on my forehead. My sinuses open and i feel better faster.

ReneeCold Relief

I was looking for something natural to use on the back of my neck to relieve discomfort stemming from a strained muscle. When I read the ingredients in ‘natural back pain relief’ - beeswax, coconut oil, cayenne powder, and essential oils of peppermint, lavender, ginger, wintergreen and cypress - I had to try it. I rub a dab into the sore area a couple of times a day and the pain is gone, and I feel that the all natural ingredients are subtly helping my body in other ways.

MaryBack Pain

Allergy Relief is amazing! I put it on and only abut 5-7 minutes or so later I am breathing freely and clearly!!

ShanteAllergy Relief

I have been using the Sinus Relief for some chronic stuffiness. It is quite effective at helping to open up my sinuses with gentle ingredients (oils, beeswax, peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon). I like too that it is solid at room temperature but melts and rubs easily into the skin. Not much is needed! Thank you Ashima.

Betty Sinus Relief

A small amount gently applied to the inside of my nostrils helps relive chronic sinusitis. Not much needed per use, so the jar will last a long time.

Gale BoldtSinus Relief

It's SO important that I write this review of Ashima's 'Natural back pain relief' and I can't believe it's taken this long!! I have suffered from chronic pain for over 25 years, and currently have a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. I'm very active and do physical therapy but have yet to find ANY relief that is as instantaneous or lasting as this wonderful smelling balm. I can honestly say that it has helped when not even prescribed pain medicine could stop the pain. Ashima is a very kind woman with an almost magical gift for creating healing remedies. Using her 'Natural back pain relief' I'm able to use my shoulder in ways I haven't been able to for months and it almost instantly stops all the aches and pains I live with, including torn, pulled and/or spasming muscles. It also eases my shoulder and neck aches from tension at the end of the day. I even put it on my lower abdominal area during my monthly cycle (although she has specific remedies for that I've yet to try) She makes her products with love and is natural healer and this shines through in her every interaction, but most especially in her creations. I cannot recommend her products enough and will be getting more remedies for my clients with special needs as well! This may sound too good to be true, but I believe in spreading the word about products that ACTUALLY HELP after being in so much pain for so many years. I literally don't think I can ever go without the stuff and am so blessed to have stumbled across her booth at our children's harvest festival! Bless you and yours Ashima! You are just stellar. Thankyou

SGBack Pain