Natural Mineral Sunscreen

Natural Mineral Sunscreen

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Natural Mineral Sunscreen safe for face & body moisturizer with SPF 60 | Coral reef safe sunscreen

Perfect for :

  •  Sensative skin
  •  Reef safe
  •  No irritation
  •  Chemical free
  •  Zinc Oxide based (naturally occuring mineral that provides Sun Protection)
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We know you are looking for All Natural Mineral Sunscreen which leaves no white cast, water resistant, broad spectrum with SPF 30 or higher, The best trigger is should I apply Sunscreen even if my makeup or moisturizer has Sunscreen in it? or some folks think I don’t want to use Sunscreen on my baby or kids!. That’s because a lot of them available at stores are chemical based. The short and sweet answer is YES for Mineral based Sunscreen.

Keeping all of your desires we created Natural Mineral Based Sunscreen oil free. A Mineral Sunscreen safe for babies, adults, Face, Body, Ocean and Planet. to provide Sun Protection from UVA UVB harmful rays. Made with Clean Natural Ingredients (you can spell and understand) eco-friendly, sustainable. Let’s Understand how you get everything from this Natural Mineral Sunscreen.

Let’s quickly run over Facts & Information about Safety of Mineral Sunscreen, Mineral Sunscreen is a naturally occurring mineral from mother earth that provides protection against UVA & UVB. They sit on the surface of the skin and physically reflect sunlight away and are also approved by FDA as safe, effective and recommended by Dermatologists.  Mineral Sunscreen safe for body, Ocean (Coral & Reef safe) and ecosystem: Zinc oxide does not pose a threat to our planet’s delicate coral reefs. They are an ideal, environmentally-friendly choice for beachgoers and destination travelers who visit oceanside resorts. 

Considering the safety and thriving desire to have the Clean, Natural Mineral Sunscreen, we perfected our recipe to Create you a Mineral Sunscreen, taken only natural ingredients to give you full coverage of UVA & UBA from naturally occurring mineral along with Raspberry Essential oil and Carrot seed Essential oil which are other great Natural sources for SPF Moisturiser with Shea Butter, Vitamin E oil, Coconut oil,Beeswax and “Zinc Oxide” while knowing all ingredients are safe for the human body and planet. Another good news is Mineral sunscreens are made with Zinc Oxide. They come in a form of powder, which does not deteriorate overtime. These minerals have an indefinite shelf life. Go ahead and choose one for you, your family, friends or as a Present for someone you love 🙂 

You can also read our blog on “How to choose Best Mineral Sunscreen for Face & Body” for more information regarding Natural Mineral Sunscreen

Clean and safe Ingredients

  • Zinc oxide – Naturally occurring Mineral SPF 24-32
  • Sweet Almond oil – Naturally occurring SPF 5
  • Shea Butter- Naturally occurring SPF 4-5
  • Carrot seed oil – Naturally occurring SPF 38-40
  • Red Raspberry oil – Naturally occurring SPF 28-50

Smells and feel amazing on the skin


Take a pea size to grape size of sunscreen (depending on the area you want to cover) rub between your palm and apply on your skin. Insantly provides the coverage you need

Made in USA handcrafted with healing vibes. Safe & Gentle on Mind, body & soul

Disclosure: This statement have not been evaluated by Food & drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness

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Step 1: Cleanse Me! Use the cleansing bar of your choice with warm water to gently wash away dirt and oils. Wash twice a day, or just at night (if your skin tends to be dry).

Step 2: Tone Me! Use our toner to finish the cleansing process, break up dirt, and tighten pores. Use 5 – 7 times per week (less if your skin is dry).

Step 3: Moisturize Me! A little goes a long way! Gently massage our moisturizer into your skin.

Step 4: Rejuvenate Me! At night, use 3 – 4 drops and rub into your skin. Or, Deep Healing Skin Serum.


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