Welcome to Ashima Natural Remedies! 

We’re on a mission. It’s a simple mission, A holistic way to improve your health. We produce herbal remedies and body care that support health — naturally.
— and we’d love for you to join us.

Who are we?

My name is Ashima Bhaidasna, Founder of Ashima Natural Remedies.

Growing up in India culturally many day to day use of super power herbal plants/food, plant-based sources has become a way of pure and simple living. As we all know plant based lifestyle is gaining popularity amongst holistic healers, health & wellness conscious folks and or anyone who is looking to adapt to natural products for natural healthy living, this is the place for you. 

All of us can acknowledge God created bountiful resources on Mother Earth before he even created mankind,nature is the ultimate source of our being. In nature lies Power, wisdom, healing well-being, restorative balance of mind, body and soul and most important love & acceptance for our ultimate happiness. Using these restorative powers from mother earth to revitalize, reinvigorate, neutralize overall well-being for holistic and conscious living brings ultimate strength and vulnerabilities to mankind. Keeping all of it in mind “Ashima Natural Remedies” was born. Natural / Herbal Remedies -Natural Alternatives for everyday use.

Our Ingredients

  • We make handmade natural eco-friendly products with healing vibes.
  • Products are a wholesome package from natural sources for healing purpose.
  • Our Ingredients are source from mother earth by combining herbs/spices/unrefined cold pressed plant oils and beeswax, butters, steam-distilled and potent plant based essential oils
  • Our Ingredients actually work and are proven to simplify your lifestyle for the right purpose.
  • “The World Health Organization estimated that 80% of people worldwide rely on herbal and natural remedies

Our Packaging

  • A firm belief in taking care of our Planet Mother Earth as it takes care of us,
  • We are committed to using the least amount of  plastic possible. 
  • You will find our packaging in either glass jars/bottles or aluminium and shipped in cardboard boxes which is all reusable and recyclable.  
  • Another reason we make handmade means zero pollution

We believe that health is sacred, and so very personal.  Every individual should be empowered to educated to see herbalism and western medicine as “dynamic duo”

 Many health modalities exist, yet the Western world is dominated by the notion of treating symptoms. Something that requires drugs or procedure  just one of them: allopathic.  Herbalism can’t be life saving surgery or a course of antibiotics and that’s okay. Rather it “can be a way to think about attending to an entire person as they work to uphold their health”. Yet before the precepts of western medicine were normalized, humans relied on the natural world to heal themselves, and in most cases took preventative approaches.

Further, many people need to be educated to see herbalism and western medicine as “dynamic duo” instead of “arch-nemeses” According to Author Christine Buckley who wrote the book “Plant Magic” Exploring natural alternatives even when it comes to the simple stuff. 

 It’s time for a change.


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